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is committed to engineering original and innovative designs for JEEP off-road enthusiasts. We believe form and function must work together to give our customers value, excellence and superiority from their purchases and builds. The entire rig is considered when all products are designed. The full line of our products are made in America. We manufacture  our products in our 11,000 sq ft facility located at 216 N Ave D, Cheyenne, WY, 82007.

TNT also has a full automotive shop. In addition to general auto repair, the favorite thing to do there is customize 4X4 vehicles to whatever our cutomers can imagine. The combined experience of the techs and service writers in our shop is over 100 years of wrenching and fabricating.  This auto shop is located just to the west of the manufacturing business at 807 S Greeley Hwy, Cheyenne WY 82007.

We also carry a wide variety of accessories for Jeeps and trucks from bed liners, lift kits, tonneau covers, cutsom made bumpers, body armor, rock sliders, fenders, skid plates and so much more! We've got everything you need. So give us a call or come see us. 

The TNT staff is made up of people who share a passion for off-roading. There is passion in building their own rigs and providing the customers with everything they need for their rigs.

  • Bob Levenhagen - Owner - Product Designer & Fabricator
  • Mary Levenhagen - Owner & Shop Boss
  • Tanner Daniel - Sales and Tecnical Support
  • Jason Levenhagen - Production Manager

 Wether you want to have just a few modifications or go all out with a major make over, TNT can help you Master Your Terrain!

 Please take a look at our quality line-up of products at an off-road or Jeep event near you. Feel free to call us at 307-775-9565 or email with any questions.

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