Fuel Sumps

The Wold Fab Fuel Sump is the perfect fuel sump for your aftermarket fueling needs.  With its simple "One Bolt" design It makes mounting easy. All of our Fuel Sumps are CNC Machined out of aircraft grade billet aluminum. The Wold Fab fuel sump offers a drain plug and is designed with O.R.B. fittings. In our opinion O.R.B. fittings (O-ring Boss) work better than many of the other products out there that use pipe threads. Our fuel sumps are sealed with durable BUNA O-rings and will not deteriorate over years of use. In most applications our Fuel sump can be installed in a matter of minutes, using nothing more than a 3" hole saw and an allen wrench.

Traction bars

Wold Fab Traction Bars, for when you want to anchor your rear-end and look good doing it.  Our Traction Bars are CAD designed and Laser cut from HRPO Steel. They feature a boxed design, styling cutouts, and are powder coated in several colors. These Traction Bars mount with your U-bolts in the rear, and bolt to the frame in the front. We have designed mounts to work with Dodge, GM, and Ford 3/4-Ton and 1-Ton trucks.  Wold Fab Traction Bars have been tested on diesel pickups with 1000+ H.P. without issue. Our kits offer high performance rear-end support, while maintaining a non-weld easy to install system. Each mount contains a polyurethane bushing, allowing the vehicle to flex its suspension without the Traction Bars interfering. Our kits are sold in separate pieces, Vehicle mounts, and Universal Traction Bars. When ordering choose the Vehicle Mounts required to mount to your vehicle, and the Universal Bar design that fits your style.

68mm vgt turbo


64MM LB7 Turbo


Track Kits

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